Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals

910 Antoine Drive
Houston, TX 77024


Telehealth is available at Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals.  Consultations may be provided during normal business hours by appointment, as well as after hours (again, by appointment).  This is not a substitute for emergency care - if your pet need emergency care during times when we are unavailable, please contact one of the nearby emergency centers listed here on our website.

Current patients, animals that we have seen in our office within the past 6-12 months for evaluation by a veterinarian, may be eligible for a telehealth consultation.  There are many clinical presentations that do not lend themselves well to a telehealth consultation, and these will be referred for an in-person evaluation.  If we have not seen your animal in the last 6-12 months, you will need to make a conventional appointment to be evaluated in person.

Here are the steps to request a telehealth evaluation:

1 – Often, photographs will be helpful - if so, take multiple photographs in good lighting in the following method:

  1. Download, print and utilize our printable ruler page to help give us identification and relative scale to your photos.  Use this ruler in the photos that you provide to us.
  2. Take an overview photo showing most of the patient with region of interest within the photo.
  3. Take a regional photo of the area
  4. Take several close-ups shots from different angles, trying to make certain that they look representative of what you are seeing with the naked eye before sending them.
  5. It is not unusual for this process to result in 7+ photographs

2-Log on to your PetSites account through our website by selecting Your Pets Health Records from the Home Page

3-Choose the pet in question in your record

4-Select Pet Journal and fill out information regarding the symptoms (Create Journal)

5-Upload Photos that you have taken to the Photos section (Upload Photo)

6-Once those sections are complete, go back to our website and under “Forms”, Choose “Request Telehealth Consult” and fill that out – that will notify us to login and view the information you have submitted and provide a consult (if possible) on the information.

7-Be advised that it is not always possible for us to make a solid enough determination via telehealth consult for particular problems and an in-person consult may be necessary.  If so, we will recommend that route and transfer the information that you have provided to the appointment once it is scheduled in clinic.

8-If the information is sufficient for us to complete a consult, information will be sent to you.  Additional information may be requested via email, SMS or you may be directed to chat directly with the veterinarian in real time via PetSites or via telephone.

9-Billing of your account for services provided will occur after the consult is complete.