Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals

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Houston, TX 77024



Evaluation of the Heart

Cardiology is the study of the heart, and it involves both the diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions. We have state of the art diagnostic tools at Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals to help diagnose and treat a wide range of heart diseases. Auscultation using a stethoscope and radiographs to image the cardiac structures are the traditional methods of evaluating cardiac diseases. More advanced diagnostics and treatments are available with new technology. We use a Vetronics® computerized ECG/Blood Pressure machine to detect heart arrhythmias and hypertension, and an Aloka® Alpha-6 Ultrasound machine for Echocardiography. These four tools, a blend of old and new technology, make diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions at Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals exemplary. Referral to a Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist, when indicated, allows for complete cardiac care for our patients.