Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals

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Our Team


Veterinary Nursing Team

Our veterinary nurses and the entire paraprofessional staff aid the doctors in providing the care and services at the hospital. They are committed to excellence and care for our patients as if they were their own.

Blythe Haman, LVT, VTS (Clinical Practice: Canine & Feline), Practice AdministratorBlythe - LVT

Blythe joined our practice in April, 2000 after working in emergency medicine since she earned her degree from the Veterinary Technician program at Lone Star College. Blythe also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science at Texas A&M University in 1997. She earned her advanced certification as a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Canine and Feline Clinical Practice in 2012, and serves as treasurer of this organization. She has an interest in critical care medicine and is our lead nurse. Blythe is a member of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America and the Veterinary Team Association of Texas and serves as treasurer of VTAT. Blythe also serves as our Practice Administrator.

Katie Olson,  LVTKatie - LVT

Katie joined our staff in 2015. She earned her Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from Minnesota School of Business in 2006.  She worked at a small animal practice in Minneapolis, MN from 2007 through 2015 until she relocated to Houston. She has a special interest in feline and canine behavior.  She enjoys hiking and running with her dog Russell.  She also has three cats, Audrey, Panda Bear, and Keiko.

Sally Clifton, LVTSally - LVT

Sally joined our staff in 2017.  She earned her degree from the Veterinary Technology program at Lone Star College in 1995 and has worked in Houston in small animal medicine and shelter medicine before joining our team.

Rickie Nevarez, LVTRickie - LVT

Rickie joined our staff in 2018.  Rickie was an EMT before she entered the veterinary field in 2004.  She started at the SPCA and has never looked back.  She became licensed in 2010 and has remained in small animal and exotics practices.  She has a special interest in all things feline (large and small).  In her spare time, Rickie enjoys spending time with her husband and son and snuggling with their zoo.  They have six cats (Basil, he's the best, Bits, Zsa Zsa, Hedwig, Murph and our newest baby Snuggles) and their two dogs Sarge and Xena.  In the future, she would like to achieve technician specialty licensing in feline medicine.

Jennifer Weiss, CVA IIJennifer - CVA

Jen joined our team in September 2016 and is a Certified Veterinary Assistant.  She is currently enrolled in the San Juan Veterinary Technology Distance Learning Program and she is training to become a Veterinary Technician at the practice.  She is expecting to obtain her licensure by 2023.  Jen has loved all animals since she was a young child and has a special interest in avian and exotics.

Britain Beets, LVT

Britain joined our team in 2022.

William Rogers

Will joined our team in 2022.  He has 20 years of experience working in other practices.

Gisel Marroquin

Gisel joined our team in 2021 as an assistant.

Sarah Brice, CVA I

Sarah joined our team in 2021 as an assistant.

Ana Rodriguez

Ana is the newest member of our assistant team, joining us in 2022.

Lucas Smith

Lucas joined our team in 2022.

Britney Buddrius

Britney joined out team in 2023.

Libby LobbyLibby

My name is Libby, and I am the clinic cat at Memorial 610 Hospital for Animals. When I was a much younger cat with not much street sense, I needed some kind people to help me and I found my way to Memorial 610, and I’ve never looked back!  The floor guy was kind enough to find me in my cage on the front porch after someone dropped me at my new crib, so he brought me indoors and set me up in the front reception lobby.  I greeted my new family first thing in the morning! I lounge around the treatment area, boss the humans around, and generally observe all the daily antics (from as high a perch as possible). I like to annoy my humans by being under foot as often as possible or by laying on their keyboards. I have been known to be bit snarky at times, but I only nibble people’s fingers (I don’t ACTUALLY bite them). While I am constantly begging for food, the humans always come through with my meals (although sometimes not according to my time clock). I think it’s a pretty good gig for a reformed street cat!

 Client Care and Client Services Team

Adel ZamarronAdel - Reception

My name is Adel I have been a full time CSR at Memorial-610 for almost 2 years. I was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Mc Allen, TX. I have lived in Houston for 2 years now.  I have a very handsome son named Ethan that is now 9 years old and I go to school full time. My plan is to become a registered nurse in human medicine. I have 2 years of previous experience working at an animal hospital in Weslaco, TX. 

Donna Young

Donna joined our CSR staff in 2022.

Kristin Grimmett

Kristin joined our team in 2022 after working in a large specialty referral hospital for several years.

Christina Flores

Chris joined our staff in 2022 - she has experience working in other small animal hospitals for several years.