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-> **FOR ILLNESS VISITS or FOLLOW-UP ONLY: Please explain the problem *and* how long it has been going on (and if the patient is doing better, worse or the same)

For vaccine appointments: Has your pet had prior reactions to the requested vaccines or treatments?

Cats Only -- My cat primarily lives


Day Patient ("Drop Off") Information

If you require an estimate, please discuss this with a service representative or nurse *before* dropping off your pet.

Day patient discharge times are typically between 4 and 6 p.m. Please do not pick up your pet until a doctor or nurse has communicated with you that your pet is ready. We are unable to guarantee a specific discharge time due to the veterinary team's surgery, inpatient, and urgent patient priorities. Thank you for your understanding.

**Day patients are evaluated (triaged) based on severity/complexity of the problem, then by order of arrival. Critical and anesthetic/surgery patients receive priority attention. Thank you for understanding. **
CPR Authorization: In the unlikely event that complications develop and your pet’s breathing and/or heart stop while in our care, do you want us to perform CPR (resuscitation)?
(** Please understand that in the event your pet requires CPR, additional charges will incur for treatments utilized during CPR.)


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