Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals

910 Antoine Drive
Houston, TX 77024


Covetrus Online Pharmacy

The link provided below (Shop Our Online Store) will allow you to purchase supplies and medications online though our secure site. These medications will be delivered directly to you by our distributor. If the item is a prescription drug, the order will be transmitted to us for approval prior to the medication being shipped. The medications and supplies will be delivered to your door by our distributor, Covetrus.

Link: Shop Our Online Store

Frequently Asked Questions about our
Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals Covetrus Online Ordering Site:

Can anyone place an order on your site?

No - only current clients of Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals are eligible to shop on this site. We must have a valid veterinarian/client/patient relationship with you. While anyone may visit and register on the site, only clients of Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals will be approved and allowed access to the site.

What can we order here?

The are many products available on the site. Shampoos, Hill's, Purina and Royal Canin pet food, nutritional supplements and prescription medications are all available.

How much is shipping?

Shipping Costs:

Orders typically ship free, with the exception of temperature sensitive items and diets.
diets will be shipped free of charge if there are on Autoship status.

* Please allow 1-2 additional days for Veterinarian approval on prescription items.
* Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping.
* We are not able to ship on Saturday or Sunday.

Who fills my order?

While your order is placed on the website, the actual review and approval of your order occurs in our office in Houston. Any prescriptions that are needed are also reviewed and approved or denied as medically necessary by the attending veterinarian that you and your pet have a valid v/c/p relationship with. Once the order has been reviewed, it is released for shipment or the appropriate prescription is transmitted to the pharmacist. The order is actually packaged at the warehouse (see below for shipping information).

How do you bill my credit card?

Your credit card will be charged once the order is approved and released to shipping. Your card is charged through he Covetrus online order system. We will use the credit card that you provided during the ordering process. If there is a problem with your payment, we will contact you directly.

If there is a problem with my order, who do I contact?

The online site has a team of Customer Service Representatives available via the Help section.