Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals

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Oncology is the study, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Cancer occurs in domestic animals frequently. We routinely see cancer in both cats and dogs and it is the most common cause of death in both dogs and cats. Treatment for different types of cancer may be employed to improve the quality of life of our patients. Treatment for cancer in animals is similar to that in humans. The use of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery are all commonly used to eliminate or reduce the signs and symptoms of cancer in our patients. At Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals diagnosis and treatment of cancer is often a team approach.

We routinely consult with and refer to veterinarians specializing in oncology and radiation therapy when the need arises. Often, the cancer requires surgery to remove the diseased cells, or to attempt to remove as many cells as possible, so that radiation or chemotherapy may be employed to remove as many of the remaining cells as possible. At Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals, we perform both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery for the treatment of cancer routinely. We also provide medical oncology services for select cases and help coordinate treatments for patients under our care. Chemotherapy related side effects are not as common in veterinary medicine as they are in our human counterparts. Our goal is always to eliminate pain and improve quality of life using the variety of treatments available to our patients and clients.