Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals

910 Antoine Drive
Houston, TX 77024



At Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals, we perform a variety of laboratory testing, both in-house and at referral labs, to gain a more comprehensive picture of your animal's health. Our team routinely utilizes complete blood counts and serum chemistry analysis to assess internal organ function for animals that have disease and for wellness assessments. We look at urine to screen for infections, Diabetes Mellitus, blood loss, protein loss, and crystal/stone formation in the urinary bladder. We regularly perform our own cultures in our lab to determine the specific cause of infections and to determine the best medication to control the infectious disease. We look at tissue samples daily to screen for malignant masses and to determine whether surgery is indicated on tumors on and within the body. We assess fecal samples to find internal parasites and bacterial abnormalities that cause disease. We also utilize referral laboratories for more specific testing of diseases. Laboratory testing plays a significant role in our diagnosis of disease because our patients cannot tell us their symptoms or convey their health problems verbally.