Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals

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Houston, TX 77024


Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is a branch of veterinary medicine which treats diseases of the internal organs by utilizing non-surgical therapies. All of the other branches of medicine which deal with specific internal organs are sub-branches of internal medicine (i.e. cardiology, oncology, endocrinology, urology, neurology, etc).

Every day at Memorial-610 Hospital for Animals, we manage the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases by utilizing the advanced diagnostic tools in our hospital. Complicated internal medicine cases require patience and diligence to collect many pieces of information. The history, clinical signs, lab results, imaging studies, and sometimes special procedures or testing all come together to form a complete picture of a patient’s condition. The cause of non-specific symptoms such as fever, poor appetite, weight loss, labored breathing, vomiting/diarrhea, anemia, abdominal distension or discomfort, and urinary abnormalities can be identified and managed by our team of highly trained and experienced doctors. Our team uses a variety of diagnostic tools to determine the cause of disease, including survey and contrast radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy, tissue aspirates and biopsies, and cytology. Our doctors have over 50 years combined experience in veterinary medicine, with specific interests in diagnosing and treating challenging internal medicine cases.