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Directions: Thank you for filling out our Patient History form.  This provides us with pertinent history before we examine your pet while you are not physically present.  Please provide detailed, relevant history of the problem(s) that we will be evaluating today, including duration of the symptoms.  Below are some guidelines about the level of detail that we need to provide accurate and efficient evaluations:

Chief Complaint and Duration – critical – make sure to identify the leg the pet is limping on, how long the cat has been urinating outside of the litter box, when the last dose of medication as administered, etc.

Diet – Main food fed, brand and amount and treats, including table or people foods. What about about vitamins, supplements, etc.

Medications – Any and all medications administered, including heartworm and flea preventives.

Previous Medical Conditions – Has the pet had anything like this before? If so, what was the diagnosis, treatment and how did it resolve?

Exposure to Other Pets, Travel, or Stressful Events – Are there other pets in the household? Is the other pet(s) healthy? Have they traveled recently? Has there been any stressful event such as moving, visitors, a new pet, fireworks, etc.? Has the pet been recently bathed or groomed?

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