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Little Friends Pet Memorial - About their company

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is usually a time of great emotion. As we cherish the memories of our pet, making decisions regarding pet aftercare can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming.

Little Friends Pet Memorial was founded in 1986, to provide an ethical and respectful choice for pet aftercare. All pets brought to Little Friends receive the individual attention and respect they so richly deserve so you may have peace of mind in your time of loss. Their caring and compassionate service approach along with our precise tracking procedures assure all services are performed with care and integrity.

Losing a family pet can be an overwhelming experience, but at Little Friends Pet Memorial you have choices and friends to help you. Their team is dedicated to making certain that your beloved friend has a dignified final resting place. They assure that your very special family member will be handled in a gentle and loving manner, as if they were our own.

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